HobbyMaster, HA1703, Aircobra AH601 County of London Sqn., Duxford, Oct 1941, Skala 1:72

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P-39 Mk. I, Airacobra, ”AH601”, 601 Squadron
”County of London”, Duxford, Oct. 1941.

Die-Cast modell 1:72 inkl. tillbehör och ställ.

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P-39 Mk. I, Airacobra, ”AH601”, 601 Squadron
”County of London”, Duxford, Oct. 1941

The Model

Superb detailing in 1/72 scale.
Pre-painted with pad applied markings.
Fully assembled.
Weapons that are not permanently
Comes with a pilot figure.
Display stand included.
Option to display model with wheels up
or down.
Movable propeller.
Minimum use of plastic.
Very collectable.
The P-39 was very innovative having tricycle landing gear and an engine mounted in the
middle of the fuselage behind the pilot. The primary reason for this was weight
counter-balance to allow for the use of the large Oldsmobile 37mm cannon mounted in
the aircraft nose and for shooting through the propeller hub. One major problem with this
plane was the lack of a good turbo super-charger and this seriously hampered the
performance above 20,000 feet. To compound the matter there was also a weight-
The only RAF unit to use the P-39 was the 601 Squadron. Based on the performance of
the test model the RAF ordered 675 of these aircraft armed with 0.50-inch machine guns
in the fuselage and four 0.30-inch machine guns in the wings, the 37 mm gun was
replaced by a 20 mm Hispano Suiza. What the RAF received were aircraft without the
turbo-superchargers severely reducing its effectiveness and after only one operational
use by the 601 these aircraft were deemed unfit with further orders cancelled and the
aircraft removed from service.
Specifications Bell P-39 Mk. I Airacobra
RAF ordered the Model 14, on delivery they first named it Caribou but in 1941 renamed it
Airacobra I
Crew: 1
Number built: 1,767 with the RAF initially ordering 675 and accepting about 80
Wingspan: 34 ft.
Length: 30 ft. 2 in.
Height: 12 ft. 5 in.
Wing area: 213 sq ft.
Guns: Originally 4 X 8 mm MGs – RAF replaced with 0.30 in. MGs, Originally 2 X 12.7
mm MGs – RAF replaced with 0.50 in. MGs, Originally 1 X 37mm cannon – RAF replaced
with 20 mm Hispano Suiza cannon.
Bomb load: 1 X 500 lb.
Engine: 1 X 1,150 hp Allison V-1710-35
Maximum speed: 360 mph
ROC: 2,400 ft/min
Maximum ceiling: 32,100 ft.
Range: 600 mi., extended range with drop tank 1,100 mi.
Empty: 5,462 lbs
Loaded: 7500 lbs
Maximum: 8,200 lbs


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