Amati, 1432, H.M.S. Bounty, Skala 1:60

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Amati träbyggsats av H.M.S. Bounty skala 1:60

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English Armed Vessel – 1787

A 230 ton sailing ship, originally commissioned as a merchant vessel, in 1787 the Bounty was assigned to the Royal Navy for voyages of exploration. She became famous above all for the mutiny of her crew against her captain, William Bligh.
The Bounty is one of the collection’s most beautiful and detailed models.
The reconstruction of this famous ship was made possible thanks to the original designs the British Admiralty still has in its archives.

Kit includes laser cut keel, deck and frames; double planking; masts and spars; rigging ropes; cloth sailes; wooden and metal fittings; flag. Four large sheets of plans and a 24  page instruction booklet with clearly drawn figures and step-by step instructions guide through each phase of Construction.




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