Kavan, FK0031A, Bränsletank, 500cc

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Fuel Tanks
Special manufacturing process eliminates the possibility of thin spots in the tank wall; durable enough even for pressurized fuel systems. A brass ring around the neck eliminates the „split neck“ common in some tanks using an expansion stopper. The rectangular shape optimizes capacity and prevents fuel starvation associated to the tank rotating and cutting off the fuel supply. A nut behind the rear nylon disc eliminates the possibility of a stripped thread that could result in a fuel leak. The heavy metal fuel pickup ensures constant fuel flow during any maneuver. Six molded channels in the tank sides (except 0031B) provide for easy routing of the throttle pushrod. Includes pre-bent brass tubing for quick assembly. Use with either glow fuel or gasoline (except 0031B is for glow fuel only). For gasoline use, order Replacement Rubber Kit No. 0032.1.

Size(ml):500 (17 oz)

Length x 2(mm): 155 (6.1“)

Width(mm): 72 (2.8“)

Height(mm): 66 (2.6“)