HobbyMaster, HA1502, CCF Harvard, Germany 1960, Skala 1:72

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1/72 Die-Cast Modell inkl. tillbehör och ställ.


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CCF Harvard Mk. 4, Flugdienstaffel Technische
Schule 1, Kaufbeuren, Bavaria, Germany, 1960

True 1/72 scale

Professionally painted unique scheme
Great attention to detail
All markings are Tampoed (pad applied)
Option to display the model on a stand that is provided
Model can be shown with the landing gear in the down or up positions
Canopy opens
Extremely heavy metal with a minimum of plastic
Highly collectable.
In 1955 the USAF developed a technical training center that taught 39 different courses
such as aircraft and engine repair, air traffic control, weapons and ammunition,
electronics, aerial photograph nature, intelligence and logistics. In 1956 schools were set
up in 5 – 6 locations within Germany with one being in Kaufbeuren in the SW corner of
Bavaria. This was considered the birth of the modern day Luftwaffe but it wasn’t until
November 1957 that full control was assumed by Luftwaffe.
Harvard IV and the schools
555 of the ultimate version, the Harvard 4 were produced by the Canada Car and
Foundry during the 1950s and supplied to the RCAF, USAF and Bundeswehr. Through
the Mutual Defence Assistance Program (MDAP) Canada supplied 135 Harvard Mk IV for
$1 per unit to the Luftwaffe. The Harvard Mk IV was used mainly with the FFS “A“ (flight
leader school) in Landsberg between 1956 and 1966. Some planes went to the TSLw “1“
(Technical Training School) in Kaufbeuren where 39 different courses were taught.
CCF – Canadian Car and Foundry, Montreal
Powerplant: 9 cylinders radial engine of the type Pratt & Whitney R-
1340 ON – 1
Length: 8.85 m / 29.03 ft. Height: 3.58 m / 11.75 ft. Wing Span: 12.81 m / 42.02 ft.
Empty Weight: 1890 kg. / 4166.73 lb.
Maximum Take Off Weight: 2400 kg. / 5291.09
Maximum Speed: 330 km/h at 1500 m  /  205.05 mph at 4921.25 ft.
Cruising Speed: 270km/h / 167.77 mph
Service Ceiling: 6500 m. / 21325.45 ft.
Range: 1200 km. / 745.64 mi.
Crew: 2


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