Faller, 110116, Bahnhof Schwarzburg Skala H0

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The railway station »Schwarzburg« built around 1900 is the attraction of any model installation. With half-timber construction, open, roofed shelter platform, richly structured hip roof and attached goods shed. With many carefully designed details – thus, the waiting room is completely equipped, the doors can be opened and many beautiful accessories for the building are contained in the construction kit.
On the Rottenbach-Katzhütte line situated in the Thuringian Forest, railway modellers can find the railway station Schwarzburg built around the turn of the century. But no matter from which side, the particular charm of this attractive FALLER models lies in the numerous amount of add-ons and oriels as well as in the luxuriant structure of the pretty hip roof. A railway station model with which the most varied station concepts can be implemented. From small station halts to small town stations of a medium sized railway station model.
This building kit contains: 406 single parts in 10 colours, window parts, 2 paper masks, 1 decoration and 1 construction instruction.




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