Heller, 80768, Citroën Fourgon Type H, Skala 1:24

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This is a motor truck for loading of goods 1200 kg in a volume of 7.3 m3. It was designed by Pierre Franchiset to whom it is named, the ”H” for it is the eighth such project developed by Citroën, the H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. Its design is basic and it takes many other vehicles of the brand elements: engine and gearbox of the Traction, driving, meter, wiper 2CV. He was introduced to the public in 1947 and received different engine (1600 cm3, 1900cm3, 16cv, 11HP) during his long career (34 years), in which more than 473,000 copies were produced. Depending on the load and its body, trade name changing, H (1200 kg payload) HZ (850 kg – 1000 kg), HY (1500 kg and 1600 kg, 1966), HP (plateau), HX (Refrigerated shelf) or HW (bodybuilder tray). The last copy left the assembly line in December 1981.

  • Plastic sprues
  • Rubber
  • Waterslide decals
  • Clear parts

17,7 x 8,3 cm

138 pcs.




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