Hjul, 90mm 50gram per/par

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SuperLight AirWheels
Originally designed for Glow powered aircraft but now also popular for Electric powered aircraft. KAVAN AirWheels
have the weight of foam wheels and the strength of conventional plastic/rubber air wheels. The unique manufacturing
process creates tires with a constant wall thickness for a balanced tire without lumps and wobbly treads; giving superior
directional stability. Use on paved or grass runways.
SuperLight Standard AirWheels have a gray-colored plastic hub with cross section treaded tire. SuperLight

Axle diameter: 4 mm (5/32“), except Order Nos. 0097A – 0098: 3 mm (.12“) and Order Nos. 0165 – 0166: 5 mm (.20“). If necessary, the hubs can be drilled out for slightly larger axles. Weight is per wheel. Pack: 1 pair.

Wheel-ø: 90 mm

Weight: 47.5 g

Width: 36 mm