Minitrix, T18408, Containervagn Innofreight ”Borregaard”, Skala N

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Minitrix containervagn skala 1:160

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Prototype: AAE type Sgnss four-axle container flat car, leased to Rush Rail. Loaded with 3 bulk freight containers for the Austrian firm Innofreight, A-8600 Bruck an der Mur. High-capacity containers with a capacity of 46 cubic meters / 1,624 cubic feet. The car and containers look as they did around 2010.

Model: The car has a die-cast metal frame, type Y 25 trucks, and a close coupler mechanism. It is loaded with 3 removable Innofreight containers. Length over the buffers 123 mm / 4-7/8″.


Trix / Minitrix


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