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Artesania Latina

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It is a very necessary modeling tool: the magnetic nailer allows to nail the nails quickly and easily during the assembly of ship models hull, but also when fixing the elements of the deck.

If you want the nails are stuck to the nailer, it is necessary that the nails are made of iron or contain iron.

With a moderate pressure of this nailer for wood it is possible to place the nail in a straight and precise way: once it has been introduced into the wood, it must be finished with the modeler’s hammer or with light taps on nailer handle if the modeler is advanced.

Depending on the area, it is advisable, prior to the steps mentioned with the modeling nailer, to drill the surface minimally well with a drill bit equal to or less than the nails that are going to be nailed with the same nail so that the diameter of the slit is never higher than the nail or the tip.


Artesania Latina