NMJ, NMJT604.512, SJ Gus 43777, Ramlösa Vatten

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NMJ Topline model of SJ G 43777 ”Ramlsa Vatten”. TheSuperdetailed Topline model of SJ G 37265, white with Ramlsa shields and with correkt numbers and lettering. All details on the body and undercarriage with korrekt lettering and mounted metal handrails. The models has end opening, high brakemans`s plattform with external hand brake. Extra separate Ramlsa shields are including in the box. NEM short couplings mechanism og pocket. Exact in HO 1:87, length over buffers are 141,2mm.


Private companies had own or leased wagons from SJ and painted them in company colors with advertizement for the products/company. This was a color full part on the Swedish network. Also the ASG tranportation company had some G and Ge. The G type was brown with white ASG marks, later they become yellow and finally the were painted in the blue ASG color.


Many of the Swedish privat railways also ordered this practical and useful freight wagon, such as TGOJ, BJ, HNJ, NOJ; GDJ, SWB og UGJ. These had extensive trafik also on SJ net work and abroad and the private wagons could be seen all over Europe.

G was deeloped after tests with the previous Grh, art. 603.XXX with welded undercarriage. The first of this high volume G were delivered the privat GDJ railways in 1936. Litra G was one the most important freight wagons in Sweden, and 3471 were produced until 1951. The wagon had a loading area of 30m2, a weight 13 tons and a laoding capacity of 20,5 tons. With it axel distance of 8,4 m the G was permitted for 100km/h.




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