ORANGE, Solartex, 200x69cm

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ORANGE, 200 x 69cm.

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SATIN SOLARTEX is a superlight, extra fine, woven fabric that has been painted at the factory with a special two-pack paint that is resistant to all fuels – glo, diesel and petrol (gasoline). A special heatseal adhesive on the back of the fabric gives excellent adhesion to wooden surfaces and to the painted front surface of the Solartex. The adhesive is colourless so the airframe is not contaminated with colour – making repairs or re-covering very easy. When the model is in use, to keep the Solartex in ’as new’ condition, it should be scrubbed gently with soapy water to remove grime and deposits of fuel or oil. Solartex is very strong and tough so it is suitable for covering the largest models.