DELUXE, AD83, Plastic Magic 10 Sekunders lim 40ml

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40 ml

Plastic Magic 10 sec cement is a thin liquid plastic cement with a 10-15 sec adjustment time & non-clog action.

It is non-toxic, non-flammable with minimal odour and almost zero emissions when compared to competitors.

It bonds: styrene, plastic card, ABS & most kit plastics. It can be applied to one or both surfaces which can then be adjusted to a perfect position.

It is packed in a stable, anti-spill bottle with a choice of 2 brushes that deliver:

  • high precision and long reach
  • the tiniest drop
  • access to the last drop in the bottle.

Also, unlike competitors Plastic Magic 10 sec cement will not harden brushes and tips. Requires no cleaning.


Deluxe Materials


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