RÖD, Solarfilm Glosstex 200x68cm

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RÖD, 200 x 68cm.

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TYPE: Iron on self adhesive fabric with a high gloss painted surface that is fuelproof. Weight 115-130 g.s.m.

FEATURES: Easy to use. Gives a surface that has the textured surface of a fabric that has been painted with a gloss paint.

MODEL TYPE: As for Solartex but needing a high gloss finish. Made from the same fabric as Solartex so just as strong and tough.

APPLICATION: Iron on and shrink tight with extra heat. Can be painted with Solarlac or trimmed with pre-cut shapes of Glosstex or Solartrim. Needs more care than Solartex because the high gloss surface can be marred by using too much heat or by vigorous rubbing with the hot iron.

GENERAL: Less expensive than buying Solartex and painting it yourself and a much better finish.