TAMIYA, 12685, Scale U.S. MCI Cartons (Vietnam War) Skala 1:35

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Add even more realism to your Vietnam War-era U.S. models with this set of assembly MCI cartons! Around 1960, the MCI (Meal, Combat, Individual) replaced C-Rations as the combat rations issued by U.S. armed forces, and was widely supplied in the Vietnam War. One carton contained 12 rations, each with four cans: one contained an entrée such as meat or spaghetti, one package of crackers, one jam, and one dessert. It also included an accessory pack with salt, sugar, tissue paper and more.

• 1/35 scale assembly kit.
• Realistic 3-part recreation of the MCI cartons, which can be shown in or removed from their sleeve.
• Dimensions when assembled: 200x100mm. Contains parts to make 9 cartons.




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