Scalextric, 4250, Ford Capri MKIII, Gordon Spice Racing, Skala 1:32

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Scalextric. Skala 1:32

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Helped by the success of his road and race car accessory business, Gordon Spice became a well established and successful driver and team owner through the 1970s and 1980s. He is best known in the BTCC for having an incredibly successful career with red MKIII Capris during the latter 1970s, with drivers such as Andy Rouse racing with him Gordon was always at the front of the field and later found success with the cars overseas as well. He later founded Spice Racing cars and was to be found at LeMans, an incredibly talented driver and engineer as well as one of motorsports true characters. This wonderful red Capri is a vibrant edition to any collection.




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