Scalextric, C4107, Chevrolet Corvette, skala 1:32

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Scalextric bilbanebil skala 1:32

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The Chevrolet Corvette truly is America’s GT car of choice. With a history spanning 60 years, the car is as synonymous with American motoring as the Mustang or the pickup truck. And ever since its introduction to the road, the car has been found on the racetrack as well as the street. This example raced in the IMSA series in the 1970s. Adorned with flames as well as side exit exhausts, the car looks as menacing as it does fast. With big, wide tyres and a rumbling V8, this muscle car is ready to show the opposition exactly what the Corvette is capable of both on the road and on the Scalextric track. Show everyone who’s boss and take to the Scalextric track with the Chevrolet Corvette – No. 66 today. The flames themselves certainly will!




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