Schreiber-Bogen, 72623, Fokker ”Spinne”, Skala 1:24

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Schreiber-Bogen, Skala 1:24

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Fokker ”Spinne”

The model Fokker ”Spinne” is the Original reproduction of the first plane which the famous engineer Anthony Fokker had built according to his own plans in 1911. The single-seater monoplane with front-lying 50 PS Argus engine (37 kW) was first produced in the Goedecker Aircraft Factory in Mainz-Gonsenheim, and later in Fokker’s own firm in Berlin-Johannisthal. The Fokker got its nickname ”Spider” because of the many cross-bracing steel wires reminding one of a spider’s web. With the factory number ”M1” the Fokker ”Spinne” was developed further as a two-seater for instruction and competition purposes. The Fokker is often considered to be the most interesting aeroplane construction before World War 1. Although it was simply constructed and did without transverse steering, it proved to have great stability when flying. The wings, which were covered with material and almost rectangular in shape, were directed like arrows to the rear and were at an angle of about 100 upwards in a V-shape. The Fokker ”Spinne” already showed the typical characteristics of all later Fokker models: simple steel constructions instead of the wooden construction typical at that time. The fuselage of the Fokker was also covered with aluminium in the shape of a boat. With its 4-cylinder engine it reached a speed of 90 km/h and a climbing speed of 3 m/s.

Skill: 2

L: 16, B: 22, H: 6 (cm)

Sheets: 3,5




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