Schreiber-Bogen, 780, Vespa PK 50 XL2, Skala 1:8

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Schreiber-Bogen, Skala 1:8

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Vespa PK 50 XL2
Vespa is the classic among motor scooters. Young people find it stylish, and the older ones like to remember the scooters of their younger years. Originally, the Vespa was called a commercial vehicle intended for everyday use: a certain rain protection through the leg shield, simple technology that could easily be repaired, not forgetting a spare tyre that took the fright out of a flat tyre, and then the two-stroke engine, which ignoramuses say that it stinks. Connoisseurs know that it smells. The small blue oil cloud does it. Today the Vespas stand for an attitude towards life and fun.
The model represents the PK 50 XL2 from the nineties. Unfortunately it is not exactly a shining example of high performance. Although 55 km/h can easily be reached in flat areas, on a hill it shows more of a restrained approach. Thus many of these scooters had to undergo a – mostly illegal – tuning measure. Larger cylinders, sports exhaust systems etc. can be installed relatively quickly and without high costs. So it is possible to elicit completely different speeds out of this scooter made of sheet steel and hardly any plastic. But of course, versions with bigger engines are also available ex works. As a rule they have a four-speed gearbox, but there are also versions with automatic transmission. There was also a very special version for Milka, the confectionery manufacturers, who ordered it for a competition. However, one thing is common to all Vespas: They don’t like winter with its road salt. They have little to set against the pitting corrosion. They are simply real Italians.

Skills: 2

L: 22, B: 10, H: 14 (cm)

Sheets: 7




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