Sticky Mat Lim, perfekt för tillfällig & säker fastsättning

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For holding , precise cutting & sanding of thin sheet material.

Sticky Mat Adhesive is specifically formulated to remain tacky when dry. It is perfect for temporary and secure holding of sheet material (craft paper, thin card, plastic covering film, vinyl, artwork, decals, plans, etc) to enable precise cutting, tiling or even flat sanding.

Working in a dust free environment, apply small amounts to a sponge and dab onto aself-healing cutting mat or similar, creating a thin, even coat. Dries in 5-7 minutes leaving a tacky surface that will only require periodic re-coating.

Use a wet cloth to remove debris & refresh the tacky surface. Remove adhesive with white spirit or lighter fluid. Caution: may affect grid markings.

Ideal for:

  • model trim & decal fabrication,
  • paper and stencil cutting,
  • display mount board
  • freehand design work
  • plan tiling & appliqué,
  • decoupage,
  • card-making
  • sanding flat small objects


Deluxe Materials


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