Popularly known by the nickname Wimpey , the Wellington was the most successful RAF twin-engine bomber of the Second World War. They bore the brunt of night missions, particularly during the initial phase of the war but due to increasing losses were replaced by the more powerful four-engined bombers from October 1943 onwards. More than 400 Wellington Mk.II bombers were fitted with the more powerful Merlin engine. A total of 21 Squadrons were equipped with the Wellington nearly 600 participated in the big raid on Cologne.

– Structured surfaces
– Detailed cockpit
– Detailed undercarriage
– Undercarriage bays with many details
– Rotating propeller
– Rear MG turret with 4 MG’s
– Twin nose turret for the Mk.II version
– Antennas

– Authentic decal set for following versions:
– Wellington Mk.II, No. 104 Squadron, Royal Air Force, Driffield, England, August 1941
– Wellington Mk.II, No. 405 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, Pocklington, England, August 1941