Amati, 1450, Hunter Q-Ship, Skala 1:60

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Amati träbyggsats av Hunter Q-Ship, Skala 1:60.

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This is a model of schooner-rigged merchant ship built in the early nineteen-hundreds, mainly used as a bulk carrier during peacetime.

The Hunter was originally a British Merchant Navy ship . She was later acquired by Royal Navy for her seafaring capabilities particularly suited to the North Seas, and converted for war duty as a Q-ship.

Like all other Q-ships, she was converted at the Queenstown shipyards in Ireland (hence the term Q-ship), as fitted-out as a decoy to lure submarines to the surface, with false structures to conceal its deck weaponry. These structures were designed for rapid removal and stowage below deck, revealing her guns only during battle ,while lowering its lifeboats into the sea.




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