Faller, 130604, Hus ”Svenska”, 2st, Skala H0

375,00 kr

Faller, Skala 1:87

Nivå: Medel

Period III
1946 – 1977


Tillgänglighet: I lager

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Very Swedish! Set comprised of a one-storey dwelling house painted in a red shade, with canopy, white gable windows and slated roof. The two-storey yellow dwelling house features an extension in the middle with a hipped roof at a right angle. The lateral entrance is roofed, the rear of the building being embellished with a typical Swedish entrance veranda.
This building kit contains: 151 single parts in 6 colours, window foil, 2 paper masks and 2 construction instructions.
Dimensions House 1:
154 x 115 x 110 mm
Dimensions House 2:
138 x 95 x 75 mm
Period III
1946 – 1977




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