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HMS GREYHOUND – 20 Gun Frigate 1720

The Greyhound was a frigate with 20 cannons designed by Stacey, launched from the Deptford shipyard on February 13, 1720. Little is known of its seafaring history, it seems that together with other similar ships, it was used in the Mediterranean to fight the pirates that plagued the coasts. The results were disappointing because the pirate ships were very agile, and armed with 4-6 cannons in the bow, and confronted the frigates head-on and prevailed.

The period from 1600-1700 marked the demise of this type of ship, still characterized by 2 rows of oars located under the cannon batteries, used in low speed maneuvers, or lack of wind. The Greyhound was very elegant, refined and soberly decorated.

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