Märklin, 47726, Vagnsset med 3 flakvagnar SJ container Maersk, Skala H0

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Märklin vagnsset 3 flakvagnar SJ container Maersk skala 1:87

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Type Lgns Container Flat Car Set

Prototype: 3 Swedish State Railways (SJ), Green Cargo Business Area, type Lgns two-axle container flat cars. Loaded with 40-foot and 20-foot Boxcontainers. The cars look as they did around 2019.

Model: All of the cars have prototypically partially open flat car floors constructed of metal. The frames have side truss rods. The cars have separately applied destination boards. The cars are loaded with 40-foot and 20-foot containers. The containers are removable and can be stacked. All of the containers and flat cars have different car and registration numbers. Each flat car with container(s) is individually packaged, and there is a master package.
Length over the buffers per car 16.9 cm / 6-5/8″. Total length over the buffers 51.2 cm / 20-1/8″.
DC wheelset per car E700580.
Trix Express wheelset E33357811.




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