Scalextric, SC8405, 5 diverse Huvuddrev, 34-38T, Skala 1:32

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The Sport + range of spares provides everything you need to fine tune a Scalextric car to get the maximum performance from it on the track.
These Sport + spur gears are suitable for use with Scalextric cars fitted with a side-winder motor configuration.
Contains 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 tooth gears
Designed for used with the 3mm Scalextric Sport + axle – C8406 only

There are several gear ratios across the standard range of Scalextric cars. The two most common ratios are 3:1 and 3.2:1. The standard gear ratio configurations are: in-line motor (27/9 tooth) 3 : 1 sidewinder motor (36/11 tooth) 3.2 : 1

The gear on the motor is called the pinion gear. The gear on a side winder axle is called the spur gear. The gear on an in-line axle is called a crown or contrate gear.

Ratios can be changed to alter the performance of a car. Alternative pinions from The Performance Parts range can be used to change the gear ratio with the aim of fine tuning the performance of a car to the circuit layout.




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