Scalextric, SC8412, 2 Silikondäck och Fälg till ”Rallybilar”, Skala 1:32

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These Sport +, turned, aluminium hubs are hard wearing, ultra-light and perfectly round. Fitted with grub screws, the hubs can be located on to the axle with precision to ensure true running – an Allen key is included. The benefits of smooth running include better lap times and higher top speeds.

These hubs are designed for 3mm axles, and are not suitable for standard Scalextric axles.

The hubs come complete with high grip, silicon rubber compound tyres. Use these to improve lap times by reducing wheel spin and improving cornering speeds.

Wheels ø17.5 x 8mm (2x)
Tyres ø20.5 x 8mm fitted (2x)




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