Schreiber-Bogen, 575, BMW R 16/m Sidovagn, Skala 1:10

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Schreiber-Bogen, Skala 1:10

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The Bavarian engine factory, BMW, Germany’s largest manufacturer of aircraft engines, motorcycles and automobiles, builds its Motorcycles according to the same guidelines applied in the manufacturing of automobiles: A pressed steel frame, an engine-gearbox unit and a cardan shaft. All parts are therefore completely encapsulated, which reduces wear, improves reliability and makes maintenance easier. Apart from the 26 horse power, 750 cubic centimetre version R 16, which is depicted here, BMW is building a tax free 200 cubic centimetre version with 6 horse power, a 400 cubic centimetre version with 13 horse power and a 750 cubic centimetre touring version with 18 horse power. BMW motorcycles hold various world records and are to be seen, due to their construction, as a class of their own

Skill: 2

L: 26, B: 15, H: 10 (cm)

Sheets: 3




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