Fleischmann, 931884 z21Start Digitalt Start set ICE 2, DB AG, Skala 1:160

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Digital set z21: 4 piece high-speeed train set ”ICE 2” of the DB AG.

4 piece high-speed train set ICE 2 with DCC decoder and light change according
to the direction of travel
1 z21 start
1 plug-in power supply
Tracks for an oval track layout with radius R1 and siding:
5 x 9100, 3 x 9101, 1 x 9114, 8 x 9120, 1 x 9170, 1 x 9116
Electrical connection elements.
Dimensions of track layout: 96 cm x 40 cm.

z21 is a modular design digital system:
■ Begin with z21 start and Z21 multiMAUS.
■ Upgrading with a WiFi router and activation code, Art. no. 10814 and thus use of smartphone, Tablet-PC, Z21 WLANMAUS and computer (Software-protected model train control) is possible.
■ If you already have your own WiFi router and you know how to work with WiFi networks, then the activation code 10818 is sufficient for the aforementioned upgrading.

General data
Number of driven axles 4
Traction tyres 2
Interior lighting Article number 944701
Interior fitting Model with interior furnishing
Interior fitting Interior lighting can be retrofitted
Coupling In-house produced coupling
Minimum radius 192 mm
Flywheel yes
Digital decoder NEM 651
Interface Electrical interface for traction units according to NEM 651 standards with plug-in fixture
Head light Two direction dependent tail lights and dual headlights.
Motor 5-pole motor
Length over buffer 624 mm




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